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Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture

Praise for

DeLinda Forsythe and Inspiring Generational Leadership

Inspiring Generational Leadership is the first book to focus on the relevance of conscious capitalism and its alignment with millennials and Gen Z values.


"Inspiring Generational Leadership takes the reader on a journey that reveals how simple it is for an organization, regardless of size, to embody the indispensable values of the conscious capitalism movement. DeLinda’s writing style and interviews with fellow conscious leaders makes the journey even more enjoyable. She reminds us of the value of dreams; maybe none of us can make the world better, but all of us doing our part can make a significant impact for future generations."

John Mackey, Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market & author of Conscious Capitalism

"DeLinda Forsythe is a leader who appreciates the value of people. I love how she utilized the book Raving Fans to transform ICE into an employee-centric organization that serves both customers and community. As more leaders share their success stories of leading with compassion and abundance, we’ll see a shift toward application of the tenets of conscious capitalism as well as the philosophies of servant leadership, which we teach and live by at The Ken Blanchard Companies."

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager, Servant Leadership in Action, and Raving Fans

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#1 Best Seller in 5 Categories:

  • Knowledge Capital

  • Organizational Change

  • Office Management

  • Public Relations

  • Small Business Franchise

About the Book

Want to Create an Inspiring Workplace?

Inspiring Generational Leadership reveals the financial, societal, and emotional benefits of leading and building a conscious business enterprise. Forsythe field-tested her leadership concepts for fifteen years at Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE), San Diego’s most creative and resilient commercial furniture dealership. DeLinda seamlessly and collaboratively partnered with Millennial co-workers to create policies that ultimately guided ICE to industry-defying growth and financial stability—even during crisis.

Her thorough research confirms higher Millennial engagement potential when organizations align with Millennial values by incorporating the tenets of conscious capitalism in harmony with emerging neuroscience data, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.

DeLinda’s absorbing storytelling style and her inclusion of intimate interviews with other conscious leaders and educators guides readers along the rewarding mentorship path. Inspiring Generational Leadership shares DeLinda's passion and success for developing tomorrow’s leaders and provides tools to create an ideal workplace that is alive with ethical values, purpose, and drive.

DeLinda Forsythe headshot

DeLinda is a thirty-five-year executive and ethical entrepreneur in the contract furniture industry and since 2006 has implemented successful leadership strategies that led to inclusion seven times on the Inc. 5000. Only only 1.5 percent of US firms have been on this list seven times!

Do you want to inspire your workforce?

Attract and retain the best talent?

Create organizational awareness?

Be a positive community influence?

Design corporate resiliency into your culture?

Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture, effortlessly captures the many benefits of creating a conscious business enterprise. 

Working in partnership with Millennial co-workers, DeLinda designed policies based on enhanced employee feedback and engagement, creating an extraordinary work environment that benefited customers, employees, and the community.

Millennial values align with the tenets of conscious capitalism and by consistently incorporating these principles, ICE has experienced unprecedented and extraordinary industry success. DeLinda cheerfully captures how ICE intuitively created a highly respected and innovative workplace.

Readers will discover how to:

  • Develop an organization that attracts/engages Millennial and Gen Z talent due to values alignment

  • Inspire leaders to adopt more inclusive leadership practices

  • Establish work as a source for self-fulfillment

  • Create non-hierarchical employee leadership

  • Become a magnetic and motivating leader

  • Future-proof your business against unforeseen economic downturns

  • Ensure personal legacy via mentorship while creating a succession plan

  • Create lasting generational benefits beyond the workplace

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