Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture



Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture


Praise for

DeLinda Forsythe and Inspiring Generational Leadership


"Inspiring Generational Leadership takes the reader on a journey that reveals how simple it is for an organization, regardless of size, to embody the indispensable values of the conscious capitalism movement. DeLinda’s writing style and interviews with fellow conscious leaders makes the journey even more enjoyable. She reminds us of the value of dreams; maybe none of us can make the world better, but all of us doing our part can make a significant impact for future generations."

John Mackey, Co-CEO, Whole Foods Market & author of Conscious Capitalism

"DeLinda Forsythe is a leader who appreciates the value of people. I love how she utilized the book Raving Fans to transform ICE into an employee-centric organization that serves both customers and community. As more leaders share their success stories of leading with compassion and abundance, we’ll see a shift toward application of the tenets of conscious capitalism as well as the philosophies of servant leadership, which we teach and live by at The Ken Blanchard Companies."

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager, Servant Leadership in Action, and Raving Fans

About the Book

Want to Create an Inspiring Workplace?

Inspiring Generational Leadership reveals the financial, societal, and emotional benefits of leading and building a conscious business enterprise. Forsythe field-tested her leadership concepts for fifteen years at Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE), San Diego’s most creative and resilient commercial furniture dealership. DeLinda seamlessly and collaboratively partnered with Millennial co-workers to create policies that ultimately guided ICE to industry-defying growth and financial stability—even during crisis.

Her thorough research confirms higher Millennial engagement potential when organizations align with Millennial values by incorporating the tenets of conscious capitalism in harmony with emerging neuroscience data, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.

DeLinda’s absorbing storytelling style and her inclusion of intimate interviews with other conscious leaders and educators guides readers along the rewarding mentorship path. Inspiring Generational Leadership shares DeLinda's passion and success for developing tomorrow’s leaders and provides tools to create an ideal workplace that is alive with ethical values, purpose, and drive.




DeLinda is a thirty-five-year executive and ethical entrepreneur in the contract furniture industry and since 2006 has implemented successful leadership strategies that led to inclusion seven times on the Inc. 5000. Only only 1.5 percent of US firms have been on this list seven times!

DeLinda has a long history of contributing to non-profit organizations, serving on many boards that support the San Diego business community, including Chair of the San Diego Economic Development Foundation. She is a Founding Member of the Conscious Capitalism Senior Leadership Network. The San Diego Business Journal has repeatedly acknowledged DeLinda as one of the Top 500 Most Influential People in San Diego. 

Do you want to inspire your workforce?

Attract and retain the best talent?

Create organizational awareness?

Be a positive community influence?

Design corporate resiliency into your culture?


Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture, effortlessly captures the many benefits of creating a conscious business enterprise. 

Working in partnership with Millennial co-workers, DeLinda designed policies based on enhanced employee feedback and engagement, creating an extraordinary work environment that benefited customers, employees, and the community.

Millennial values align with the tenets of conscious capitalism and by consistently incorporating these principles, ICE has experienced unprecedented and extraordinary industry success. DeLinda cheerfully captures how ICE intuitively created a highly respected and innovative workplace.

Readers will discover how to:

  • Develop an organization that attracts/retains Millennial talent due to values alignment
  • Inspire leaders to adopt more inclusive leadership practices
  • Establish work as a source for self-fulfillment
  • Create non-hierarchical employee leadership
  • Become a magnetic and motivating leader
  • Future-proof your business against unforeseen economic downturns
  • Ensure personal legacy via mentorship while creating a succession plan
  • Create lasting generational benefits beyond the workplace

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More Praise for
Inspiring Generational Leadership

"Why would an office furniture company invest in regional economic development? Because DeLinda Forsythe walks the talk she shares in Inspiring Generational Leadership. As CEO of ICE, DeLinda has been highly engaged in the implementation of our inclusive economic development strategy, recognizing that adopting DEI principles mitigates skilled talent shortages. As a champion of Advancing San Diego, a program designed to develop local talent via paid internships, DeLinda embodies EDC’s core values of collaboration, inclusion, and integrity. By framing constructive criticism as coaching, she bridges the gap in engaging millennial talent."

— Lauree Sahba, COO, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

"Serving as CEO since 1997 of WD-40 Company has fundamentally enlightened my leadership style. My efforts seeking continuous self-improvement encourages others to seek to reach their potential, their aspirations. This desire to elevate each other is woven throughout the core fibers of WD-40 Company, creating positive lasting memories! The number one responsibility of WD-40’s tribal leaders is to be a learner and a teacher. DeLinda is in complete alignment with our leadership principles; she has captured the inimitable potential mentorship offers in her book Inspiring Generational Leadership. When leaders generously share their learning, time and patience, it can propel any size company into a best-in-class organization."

— Garry Ridge, CEO & Chairman WD-40 Company and Co-Author Helping People Win at Work

"Deliberately setting out to change and lift up our future leaders is the platform for DeLinda’s new book, Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture. This compilation of truly rare insights provides the roadmap to accomplish sustainable change. As the CEO of Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE), DeLinda has consistently shattered every glass ceiling for both women and men and is generously sharing her many years of expertise to transform business and encourage a positive and inclusive capitalism construct in America. This book will benefit generations to come and serve as a map to uncover pragmatic techniques to achieve success."

Saundra Pelletier, CEO & President, Evofem Biosciences

"I am pleased to write an endorsement for DeLinda’s book, Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture. I have known DeLinda for many years through our mutual involvement in the San Diego business community. She has always exemplified leadership that encourages unity and involvement. When she reached out to interview me for her book, I did not hesitate. I knew DeLinda would represent my story as well as San Diego’s story with integrity and would properly interpret San Diego’s spirit of connectedness. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the message in DeLinda’s book that a “raising tide lifts all boats” through the free enterprise system. This is an attainable and important mission that soundly resonated with me."

—Stath Karras, Executive Director Burnham Moores Center for Real Estate University of San Diego

"Collaborating with DeLinda for the last several years, I’ve come to know her and her heart well. She has a passion to elevate and advocate for those who our society has marginalized and for millennials—our next gen leaders. DeLinda’s heart—and her fierce commitment to being a catalyst for change, opportunity maker and mentor—is why she is such an effective leader. Inspiring Generational Leadership is a compelling compendium of her story as ICE (Innovative Commercial Environments) CEO. Also compelling are the stories she’s included of other conscious capitalists, and of the research that backs up the wisdom she shares.

Patricia Zigarmi, Founder and Author, The Ken Blanchard Companies

"As the CEO for CCI, I’ve gotten to know DeLinda quite well; she is a joyful, purpose-driven leader on an uncompromising mission to expand the perspectives of leaders today and into the future. I think you will be inspired by the story of ICE and the interviews with other conscious leaders sprinkled throughout her book, Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture. Perhaps her positive story of hope will encourage you to join us in our noble quest to elevate humanity through business!"

Alexander McCobin, CEO, Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

"As a leader myself in the conscious capitalism movement and the author of a children’s book teaching the fundamentals of conscious capitalism, it’s been my pleasure to get to know and to collaborate with DeLinda. She is a catalyst for inspiration in the San Diego business community because of her passion for people and her unyielding desire to make the world a little brighter. You are going to love her book Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture, and I hope it fires you up to join us in this awe-inspiring and achievable mission to be beacons of light, change, and joy!"

Laura Hall, author of The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for KIDs and Co-Founder of WHYZ Partners

"Inspiring Generational Leadership is a groundbreaking look at how twenty-first century businesses should and can be run. DeLinda Forsythe, founder of ICE (Innovative Commercial Environments), a contract furniture company, shares how she and her colleagues have built a successful company on the principles of conscious capitalism. DeLinda’s examples, stories, interviews with other thought leaders and business owners, and overall enthusiasm for doing the right thing make this book a true tour-de-force that will inspire you to do more than use your business to provide you with an income or profit. You will become part of a revolution to lead your business, employees, and society into a better future for all of us.

Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD, Award-Winning Author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

"Equal Parts worked extensively with ICE CEO and Founder, DeLinda Forsythe, for many years. As culture and leadership development consultant to ICE, much of our work is noted in Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture. In 2019, I provided DeLinda with a copy of Conscious Capitalism because I knew ICE embodied the leadership principles of the conscious capitalism movement. ICE is an organization built to last because ICE engages mentorship to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Her story and voice are both unique and powerful and you’ll likely find inspiration and resolve through her words."

Michael Valenzano, CEO, Founder, Equal Parts, Conscious Capitalism Advocate