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Celebrating the pre-launch of


A gathering that began the shift towards a more expansive leadership mindset!

Join us to meet the leaders of the San Diego Conscious Capitalism chapter, CCSD, and for the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the dynamic leadership principles championed by the Conscious Capitalism organization. 

Founded in 2014, Conscious Capitalism has 38 engaged chapters. CCI Chapters and conscious leaders share a mission to create workplaces that inspire and to foster awareness of the societal and financial advantages and benefits of Conscious Capitalism.

Inspiring Generational Leadership is the first book to focus on the relevance of conscious capitalism and its alignment with Millennials and Gen Z values.

DeLinda Forsythe

Inspiring Generattional Leadership 3D Cover of her book

Del Lewis, President of CCSD welcomes DeLinda Forsythe to the stage.

DeLinda discusses what Conscious Capitalism is, why it's significant for the future of capitalism, and the purpose for writing her book "Inspiring Generational Leadership".

Powerful Films of Conscious Capitalism in Action

Beyond Zero (Movie Trailer)

Award-winning documentary that captures the story of flooring manufacturer Interface. It is a case study of sustainable environmental and business strategies conceived and implemented in the 20th century that continue to benefit and elevate Interface in the 21st century.
Greyston -
Learn how Yonkers-based bakery Greyston uses the ‘Open Hiring’ business model to reduce barriers to full employment!

Women and Education are Changing Business Consciously

Saundra Pelletier, CEO of Evofem Biosciences  

joins Laura Hall and DeLinda Forsythe in this engaging conversation that reflects a growing recognition that traditional notions of success must evolve to meet the demands of a changing society, particularly among younger generations who prioritize values such as autonomy, respect, and equality.


By sharing stories of conscious businesses and promoting a ripple effect of positive change, we envision a future where businesses not only thrive financially but also contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

Greg Horowitt breaks down the importance of becoming a community keystone, connecting like-valued people and why UCSD is keen on developing conscious leaders. 

Check out Greg's book The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley

Speaker Panel Discussion

Speaker Panelists -
Laura Hall, Moderator, Author of The ABCs of Conscious Capitalism for Kids, CC Expert

Kent Gregoire, Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Keynote speaker, Angel investor

DeLinda Forsythe, CEO Founder of Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE), Conscious Leader, Author of Inspiring Generational Leadership

Event Sponsored By:

Conscious Capitalism San Diego (CCSD)

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. (CCI)

Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE)

Inspiring Generational Leadership Inc. (IGL)

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