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Hi, I'm DeLinda Forsythe

Author | Speaker | Leadership Mentor | Conscious Capitalism Ambassador


The best way to design a thriving workplace that attracts Millennial talent is to design it alongside and in partnership with Millennial talent!

DeLinda designed a workplace that not only allowed employees to prosper but is the only US commercial furniture dealership to be designated as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing company for seven years—only 1.5% of US companies have been on this prestigious list seven times.

DeLinda has served as CEO and founder of Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE) since 2006, strategically crafting ICE’s brand as San Diego’s “most creative office and hospitality furniture dealership”.

By successfully engaging intergenerational mentorship, she has transformed her industry—establishing a new industry benchmark! The renowned workplace culture she developed in collaboration with ICE Millennial leadership continues to encourage employees to flourish and reach their potential, not only at work but as individuals and parents. This was an ideal she never experienced as an employee however she had faith that it could be attained and would result in not only measurable business and financial success, but in a more joyful life for all.

She has contributed to numerous non-profit organizations, serving on committees and boards that support the San Diego philanthropic and business community. She currently serves as Chair for the San Diego Economic Development Foundation. She is a Founding Member of the Senior Leadership Network for Conscious Capitalism Inc. (CCI), serves in a national CCI Mastermind Group and the local Conscious Capitalism San Diego chapter.

The San Diego Business Journal has repeatedly acknowledged DeLinda as one of the Top 500 Most Influential People in San Diego.

DeLinda is the author of Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture


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