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Completing Capitalism

Cover of book Completing Capitalism by Bruno Roche and Jay Jakub

Business is not about knowing but learning! Smart business leaders greet each day as an empty vessel, eager to fill it with new knowledge.

Emerging business practices are required to keep your business relevant as revealed by Bruno Roche and Jay Jakub’s book Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World.

Roche and Jakub lead Catalyst, the internal think-tank of $37 billion Mars, Inc. where they are literally pioneering a proven, highly documented and well-funded revolutionary business model initiative.

“The world is rapidly changing, and business must adapt to the new rules of the game…for sustainable corporate prosperity (to) deliver greater value to society, the environment and superior business returns — a “win-win-win” for all stakeholders. This new operating (system) is applicable to all sectors of the economy.  It is not just about doing good but is good for business.

Oliver Goudet

Partner & CEO, JAB Holding Company


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