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Power of Mentorship - The True Power of Girls - Grace DeLynne & Christine Gail

Join us at the Leaddd conference as DeLinda Forsythe interviews 11 year old Grace DeLynne author of the book "True Power of Girls", keynote speaker, and activist and her mother Christine Gail, Founder and CEO of Unleash Your Rising.

Grace shares wisdom beyond her years that every girl (and even women) need to know. Your true power comes from being true to yourself and learning that being your true self allows you to surround yourself with true friends, and collaborators. As she says " there will always be haters" but you don't have to listen to them or let them influence your life.

Grace shares how her mother, Christine Gail, gave her powerful mentorship throughout her life.

Christine Gail is a Best-Selling Author, creator of Unleash Your Rising breakthrough book writing system, TV Producer, and Book Publishing Coach and DeLinda shares how working with Christine helped her publish her 1st #1 best seller Inspiring Generational Leadership: Your Guide to Design a Conscious Culture.


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